Guest Post: Why Your Business Needs A Language Service Provider for the Best Legal Translations

As more businesses enter the global marketplace, the challenges of cross-border legal issues have risen dramatically. Language barriers and unfamiliar legal systems create a complicated environment for litigation issues that demand precision in reviewing and understanding discovery material. The cost for document review and human translation can escalate quickly.

To address the challenge of accuracy and cost, a host of translation services and technologies have evolved with litigation support specifically in mind.

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Nimble Trends - 15 January 2018

The law firm merger market is "white hot", the Big 4 continue to make a push into the legal market, BigLaw is practicing "Consensual Neglect", Small Law Firms need help with the business side, 2017 Cyber Security lessons learned, the potential impact of GDPR, and other trends from the past couple of weeks.

Here is the trending legal news:

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Lawyers: Are You Happy?


The start of 2018 is a great time to both reflect and set new goals.  For many of us, career satisfaction is an important piece of that puzzle.  Here at Nimble, we'd love to hear from the lawyers in the audience--how happy are you?  

Take the "Nimble Lawyer Happiness Survey" today--it will take less than 5 minutes. 


We'd love to hear how you're feeling about career development, workplace environment and relationships.  In the coming months, we'll share what we find through our blog.  You can also receive the full results if you provide your email address.


Nimble Trends - 27 December 2017

From more work for employment lawyers, tax lawyers, and M&A lawyers to prior "in-house experience" possibly required to a bankrupt company owing major law firms close to $3.5 million in legal fees to tips on starting a virtual law firm to law departments thinking outside counsel fees are too high and wanting law firms to embrace technology these are the major legal industry trends we've been reading about this week.

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Nimble Thoughts: 2017 Greatest Hits

On January 9, 2017 Nimble published its first blog post.  Throughout the year we've gained a great following as we've shared insights and ideas for innovation for the legal industry and the practice of HR.  If you're one of our regular readers--THANK YOU!  If you've only just discovered Nimble Thoughts, here are our top 7 most popular posts from 2017.  Enjoy!

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2017 Predictions - Not Too Shabby

Back in January of 2017, we made 8 predictions about the legal industry for the upcoming year.    You can read that blog post by clicking here.  That was also our first ever blog post (sniffle, sniffle)!  Is that the digital equivalent of a rookie card?

We gazed longingly into the Nimble Magic Eight Ball and tossed out these 8 predictions about the legal industry in 2017:

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We're #6! We're #6! Thank You!

Listen, we can't all be winners...

Thanks to all of you and especially to the 265 people (possibly bots) that voted for our Blog "Nimble Thoughts"!  We finished 6th in voting for the 2017 Top Legal Blog Contest in the "Legal Tech" category put on by The Expert Institute.  

Here is what The Expert Institute said about our blog:

"This blog provides information on how law firms work, grounds everything in real data and analytics, and makes you think about how the industry needs to adapt in a society that is constantly changing."

You can see all of the results by clicking here.