How We Help

Nimble Services provides a variety of solutions that revolutionize how legal work gets done. We offer placement of experienced lawyers that provide quality services, all at a fraction of the cost, and without adding to internal headcount.  Deliver value and innovative solutions to your clients by partnering with Nimble Services.  Nimble Services' innovative solutions for your legal operations and needs will reduce your current spend on legal services:

Legal Operations and Management Consulting for Companies  

Companies and law departments, in particular, are tasked with cost containment, as they are regularly asked to do more with less.  Our experienced professionals work with companies and legal departments to optimize processes and to drive efficiency/cost-out. We quickly learn your portfolio of legal work (high value, medium value and low value), and based on your goals and strategies, we help you determine the best way to optimize legal service delivery, using both internal and external resources.  If you have in-house lawyers, they should be focused on doing higher value work.  High volume/low value legal work such as non-disclosure agreements can distract your team and interfere with more highly strategic efforts, we will put structure and processes in place to alleviate some of the day-to-day firefighting.  We make sure the right work is being done by the right people. Not only do we have many years of experience designing processes to optimize legal service delivery, but we also have the metrics to track a reduction in legal spend and quicker cycle times.  We'll help transform your legal services from reactive to proactive.     

Legal Operations and Management Consulting for Law Firms  

Even when clients are happy with the quality of the legal services received or the results obtained, they are often upset by the cost of those services.  We'll put an end to arguing over the bill and increase client satisfaction by installing automation and processes, such as project management, which will increase your team's efficiency and reduce their response times.  We'll help you enter into client engagements using value based billing rather than the hourly rate.   We can assist with strategic planning, talent management, talent development and responding to Request for Proposals and Requests for Information.  And we'll help you grow and streamline your processes and procedures to better meet client expectations and to prevent re-work.  

Managed Services   

Unbundle or outsource your high volume/low value and repeatable work that keeps your team from focusing on higher value strategically important work.  We'll scope the work and provide a price upfront, so you'll know exactly what you're paying for before the work begins.  Examples of such high volume/low value and repeatable transactions include non-disclosure agreements, sourcing or supply chain contracts, acquisition or divestiture due diligence, lending agreements, employee on-boarding, contract life-cycle management, post-acquisition integration activities such as assignment of contracts, etc. High volume/low value work can interfere with your employees' focus on higher value, higher impact projects.  Quickly improve efficiency, reduce cycle times and increase output by implementing Nimble's Managed Services.  All Managed Services will be provided on a per piece price or annual fee.  We leverage technology via software, such as contract life-cycle management and artificial intelligence, to significantly reduce costs and response times in efficiently providing these services.  

Part-Time General Counsel  

For companies that want the continuity of an in-house General Counsel, but don’t need a full legal department (or the additional headcount), we offer a part-time General Counsel. Nimble Services provides an experienced legal team member, dedicated to meeting your company's legal needs on an on-going, part-time basis.   You experience all of the benefits of in-house counsel, but without taking on additional headcount. 

Ad Hoc Legal Experts

Nimble Services can help meet the needs of companies and law firms by flexing their staffing during busy times, medical leaves, unexpected departures or urgent projects.  We can provide an experienced legal team member to get you through this period.  Our experienced team can handle almost any practice area.  In addition to attorneys, we can provide other resources, such as project managers, paralegals, and business analysts, to keep the work on track.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Nimble Services has experienced professionals that have designed and implemented global compliance programs.  We can help perform risk assessments, provide training and help design a compliance program that fits your company and the actual risks it encounters.  We assist you with compliance matters such as Foreign Corrupt Practices, Export Controls, Data Privacy and Cyber Security. 

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DISCLAIMER: Nimble Services is not a law firm.  We provide services under the supervision of our clients, who are corporate legal departments and law firms.