6 Cyber Security Tips to Help Protect Every Company

From the 2017 Nimble Forum on Cyber Security

On Thursday, September 14, 2017, we gathered a panel of six industry professionals to lead a panel on the topic of cyber security for our Nimble Forum. Cyber security is a trending topic due to the string of computer and ransomware attacks that have increased in severity and frequency over the past few years. Companies and individuals alike are more worried about being hacked and how to answer the new age question: how do I protect myself from a cyber attack?

Our fantastic panel included:

  • Chris Clymer, Director of Information Security Systems, MRK Technologies
  • Molly Drake, Senior Corporate Counsel, A. Schulman
  • Pat Haggerty, Partner, BakerHostetler
  • Barry Spencer, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Ann Weinzimmer, Vice President and General Counsel, More Than Gourmet
  • Jennifer White Visek, Vice President, Cyber, Tech E&O, Aon Risk Solutions

To get the discussion rolling, we asked each panelist what they believe is the “one thing” a company should be doing in order to limit their company’s cyber exposure. Their responses outlined the "one thing" they each believe to be crucial in protecting their own companies or their clients. Here are each of the points they made:

  1. Take the time to know what information you're collecting and what you're sending out. Know your processes and where the holes might be.

  2. Examine and look at your network hardware and computers, and then look at the people who access and can control them.

  3. Understand where the risks truly are. Know where the data is and where there are possible exposure points.

  4. Realize the threat is not just what is coming into the system. There’s a real threat of the information going out.

  5. Know what you’re protecting. Most people are focused on the anti-virus and protection methods, not what they’re protecting. So know what are the assets you’re protecting.

  6. Training. Phishing training for example. A lot of incidents/attacks are not super sophisticated and are actually common mistakes. It also helps to keep system logs for at least 1 year.

Just as each of their suggestions vary, you may realize there are not only many ways to be exposed to a cyber attack, but (take some comfort) there are many ways to help prevent and protect yourself and your company. Looking over this list, how do you and your company compare? Do you have any suggestions that you would add?

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