Forum Insights: Hiring and Culture Best Practices

On November 15th, Nimble hosted our third forum of 2017.  This time we brought together experts in hiring and creating culture.  

CLICK HERE for materials and the full notes from the program.

Thank you to our awesome panelists:

  • Terry Szmagala, Senior Vice President, Public and Community Affairs and Corporate Communications, Eaton
  • Cortney Marchetti, HR Strategy Consultant, Ampersand Consulting
  • David Tate, Vice President of Talent, Leaf Filter
  • Mary Beth Moore, Assistant Dean of Career Services, Case Western Reserve University School of Law
  • Eric Fleming, Senior Recruiting Manager, Corporate Ladder-Legal
  • Kaleb Embaugh, Management Consultant, PRADCO

THANK YOU to our fabulous sponsors: Corporate Ladder-Legal and PRADCO