2018 Lawyer Happiness Survey

In January 2018, Nimble Services conducted our first-ever “Lawyer Happiness Survey”.  This 31- question survey used very typical employee engagement questions.  We made it available to lawyers of all backgrounds.  The response data provides some very interesting insights into the happiness of lawyers with their work and careers. 

You can download the full results (2018 Lawyer Happiness Survey).  Here are a few things we found interesting: 

  • Generation X is unhappy  
  • Income partners are grumbling  
  • In-house lawyers are not satisfied with their compensation
  • Commitment to diversity is in the eye of the beholder
  • Law firm lawyers want more career development, and
  • There are some really great things about the legal profession

If you would like to discuss these results in more detail or you would be interested in conducting a similar engagement survey for your organization, please contact us.