TREND: U.S. Law Firms Creating Agile Legal Workforce

Following in the footsteps of other industries, U.S. law firms are finally embracing an agile workforce according to a recent article from the American Lawyer entitled “Amid Concerns Over Lawyer Workloads, U.S. Firms Embrace Agility”. Law firms like Orrick, Hogan Lovells, and Linklaters all have established firm policies aimed at enabling an agile legal workforce. Orrick’s policies include not just the opportunity to work reduced hours, but also leave for primary caretakers (22 weeks paid and nine months of job protection), and the ability to work 100 percent remotely. Each of these firms asserts that they’ve adopted these policies to be more attractive and competitive in the battle for legal talent.

This is a step in the right direction for law firms. For those firms looking to follow, one way to ensure that the work keeps getting done is to partner with a law company like Nimble. Our experienced network of legal experts can help offset the workloads of a law firm’s full time lawyers.