5 Ways Law Firms Can Improve Their Hiring and Retention Efforts

A recent Insight post by Rachel Gezerseh entitled “INSIGHT: Big Law Needs to Better Connect With Associate Talent - Cocktail Hours Aren’t Enough” got us thinking about some ways that law firms can improve both their hiring and retention efforts. We recently were interviewed by Columbus Business First regarding what law firms are doing to attract and retain millennials in the article , “Law Firms Focus on Flexibility, Happiness in the Race for Talent”. The author of the article, Laura Newpoff, interviewed us after viewing our 2018 Lawyer Happiness Survey Results, which among other things found that Generation X and Income Partners at law firms were the least content.


With that as the background, here are 5 Ways Law Firms Can Improve Their Hiring and Retention Efforts:

  1. HIRING: Develop a hiring strategy for the firm. What practice areas are growing or does the firm want to grow? Who are the targets (lateral partners, lateral associates, recent law school grads)?

  2. HIRING/RETENTION: Use behavioral assessments to identify the behavioral characteristics that are key to a successful lawyer within the law firm.

  3. HIRING/RETENTION: Upgrade your new hire on-boarding. Success for new hires can hinge on how well your new hires assimilate into the firm and its culture. On-boarding shouldn’t be limited to a couple of introductions, computer/system training, and then here’s your office and computer.

  4. HIRING/RETENTION: Flexibility. A lot of legal work can be done from anywhere and at any time (as long as deadlines are met). Treat your people like responsible adults.

  5. RETENTION: Transparency. What’s the path to partnership? What are other career paths? How does the compensation system work?