New Law is Legit!

Today's announcement that EY acquired Riverview Law has been bouncing around my head all day and I've finally figured out why.  This acquisition along with 3 other 2018 New Law transactions have legitimized New Law.

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Nimble Legal Trends - 26 July 2018

Here's what's trending in the Legal Industry: More Women than ever as Fortune 500 General Counsel; Am Law: Best Law Firms;  Legal Market Landscape; Why Lawyers Quit; Law Firms Need Artificial Intelligence to Stay in the Game, and much more!

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Interview with Jay Harrington, Author of "The Essential Associate" Part 1

The Essential Associate, helps young lawyers not just survive, but thrive in today’s competitive law firm environment. It is a step-by-step guide for mastering both the practice and business of law, and includes the insights of dozens of successful lawyer, general counsel at Fortune 500 companies, and leading consultants to the legal industry.

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Data Analytics: NDA Cycle Time and Average Term

At Nimble, we use a contract management system to create, negotiate, execute, and manage contracts for our clients (and ourselves!).  We offer this as part of our Contract Review Managed Service. Automation and data are two of the great benefits provided by a contract management system.

Impediments to Execution

When I was a General Counsel, our internal clients dreaded how long it took for contracts to be reviewed, negotiated, and signed.  There are many impediments to getting a contract signed including:

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