Top 12 Nimble Blog Posts from 2018

With 2018 winding down we are reflecting on what a great year 2018 was! We’ll have a bigger announcement soon but our Blog recently won The Expert Institute’s Best Legal Blog for the Legal Tech category! We’ve heard the “12 Days of Christmas” repeatedly this month so as 2018 comes to a close here are Nimble’s Top 12 Blog Posts from 2018:

  1. The 7 Features You Need in a Contract Management System - It feels like there are over 1 million different contract management software platforms. Here’s a quick guide to help you sift through all of them to evaluate what fits your needs.

  2. Nimble + LegalSifter: Contract Review at the Speed of Business - To get the most out of your Contract Management System pair it with Artificial Intelligence Software that helps review contracts in the negotiation phase. This slick and affordable software can be licensed from Nimble or used as part of our Contract Review Managed Service.

  3. The 19 Metrics that Matter in Delivering Legal Service - Technology is great but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. What gets measured gets done. In order to improve legal service delivery you have to have metrics.

  4. A Successful In-House Lawyer is a Business Partner - A successful in-house lawyer has to be flexible, versatile, and understand that their job is not limited to just legal advice. This is what we learned from some tremendous panelists at our March 2018 “Building the Modern General Counsel Forum.”

  5. 5 Reasons Why Law Firms are Innovating with Strategic Partnerships - Throughout 2018 we saw numerous examples of Law Firms Innovating their business through strategic partnerships with alternative legal service providers or New Law Companies.

  6. The 7 Myths of Being In-House Counsel - For many law firm lawyers the idea of an in-house counsel job is the dream. For other law firm lawyers in order to provide the best service you should understand what it’s like to be in the shoes of an in-house lawyer who is your client. There are a lot of misunderstandings of what it’s really like to be an in-house lawyer.

  7. 2018 Lawyer Happiness Survey Results - Our most popular survey to date. We gathered data from both law firm lawyers and in-house lawyers and the results were eye-opening from unhappy income partners to in-house lawyers unhappy with their compensation to Generation X being the most unhappy of the bunch. There are insights galore in these results and we can’t wait to conduct the 2019 Lawyer Happiness Survey and compare the results to 2018!

  8. 12 Annoying Things About Your Contracts That Are Obstacles to Signature - A late entry into our 2018 Blogs with a December 2018 posting date, this one has proven to be interesting and insightful. If you want to limit and shorten negotiation of your contracts make these changes to your agreements.

  9. Nimble Joins the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium - It’s been a big year for us in the legal technology arena and we’ve got a COUPLE OF BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS COMING SOON around Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

  10. Nimble Predictions for the Legal Industry in 2018 - It was our second year of business and our second year of predictions! So how did we do? I think we might’ve been 7 for 7!

  11. Building the Modern General Counsel - What’s it take to be a General Counsel in today’s environment? Here are 13 keys to be a Modern General Counsel.

  12. Data Analytic: NDA Cycle Time and Average Term - Data allows you to track the negotiation cycle time of your contracts along with where you most often end up on frequently negotiated provisions. Here’s a report out from our own data on NDAs.

2018 has been a great year for us at Nimble and we’re looking forward to what 2019 brings!