CLEs Don't Have to be Boring

Once the calendar hits September it’s not just back-to-school season, it’s also Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) season. The annual scramble to fulfill your state bar requirements for CLEs while also serving your clients, getting your work done, and finding time to spend with your family and friends.

Before smartphones and tablets, CLEs were typically sparsely filled with lawyers who brought stacks of newspapers and magazines to pass the time. These days we thankfully have wifi and 4G to make a better effort of pretending to tend to work emergencies in our phones and tablets. It’s not just us that think CLEs are boring (see “CLE: The Malignant Tumor of the Legal Profession”, and “CLE Sucks (When Training is Terrible)”). But CLEs don’t have to be boring.

Last fall, we took a shot at putting on highly engaging and interactive CLEs that covered the business of law with panelists that brought different perspectives on the issues. No dark lights, no death by powerpoint, and no one-sided lecture. Just prominent legal industry thought leaders that share their key view points on the topic from their point of view and then plenty of opportunity for attendees to ask questions, live polling on your phones, and more.

You can find our past Nimble Forums here and they’re getting better each time.

Our next two Nimble Forums covering business of law topics with great panelists are Legal Industry Pressures on September 26th and Legal Innovation on November 7th. Come see how CLEs don’t have to be boring.