Forum Insights: Cybersecurity and e-Discovery

When it comes to Cybersecurity, organizations underestimate the nature of the risks they're facing. 

In e-Discovery, a good strategy for how to collect, process, cull, and review documents will likely save more time and cost in the long run than simply jumping in to review a data dump.

On June 28th, Nimble presented a Nimble Forum: In the Trenches Cybersecurity and e-Discovery at Aon Center in Chicago, Illinois.  Nimble gathered an impressive group of Cybersecurity and e-Discovery thought leaders who shared their key insights, experiences and learning with an engaged and lively group of attendees.  The panels and panelists were:


  • Stephanie Dingman, Senior Vice President & Team Leader, Professional Risk Solutions, Aon Risk Solutions
  • Che Bhatia, Vice President Cyber Resilience, Stroz Friedberg
  • Luke Tenery, Senior Managing Director, Ankura Consulting
  • Molly Drake, Senior Corporate Counsel, A. Schulman
  • Chad Mowery, Partner, Roetzel & Andress
  • Jason Rahoy, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Here are some of the key Cybersecurity takeaways:

  • Know your Insiders - Intentional and Unintentional Insider Threats.
  • Data Breach Response Plans are a business necessity.
  • Keep your incident response plan updated and make sure it is tested often.
  • Understand your agreements with vendors receiving employee data, and ensure it contains ideal provisions, particularly relating to notice of breach and indemnification.
  • Threat modeling should be more well integrated into the overall information security program, compliance, risk assessments, and security testing (penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, controls review).
  • Create a culture where security is celebrated within the organization,


Here are some of the key e-Discovery takeaways:

  • Agree on parameters for searches early.
  • Whether it be email, loose files, or structured data, do at least some up-front assessment of the data contents to find priority documents and avoid clearly non-responsive ones.
  • Make better use of technology.  TAR, concept clustering, and email threading, are great tools – but you can also do a better job of getting through an e-Discovery workflow just by understanding and maximizing the basic features of e-Discovery technologies.
  • Managing data needs and discovery review projects is not a one size fits all.

Read more about the Nimble Forum: In the Trenches Cybersecurity and e-Discovery here.  

A special thank you to our sponsors, (1) Certa Tech Solutions and their team of John Tober and Aaron Massey and (2) Aon Risk Solutions and Brian Slife, in particular.