Must Have Software for Starting a Law Firm

In our consulting projects helping lawyers start new law firms, we’re often asked about what software or technology should be used or what do we recommend.

In our opinion, here are the software platforms for launching your law firm:

Email/Word Processing/Spreadsheets

Email and word processing are two things that lawyers use everyday.  G Suite from Google makes this easy for lawyers. You get everything you need:

  • Email

  • Calendar

  • Word Processing

  • Spreadsheets

  • Slides

  • Forms

  • Cloud Storage

  • Video Conferencing

Word processing, spreadsheets and slides all can be easily converted to Microsoft Office files to send to clients.  Starting at just $5 per user per month, it’s a compelling package. Click here to view G Suite and sign up.

Legal Practice Management Software

Legal Practice Management Software makes it easy to run your law firm from anywhere and the best platforms integrate with all of your other technology.  Here are some of the typical features that these platforms provide and reducing the numerous administrative tasks that keep you from servicing your clients:

  • Matter Management

  • Time Tracking

  • Billing

  • Document Management

  • Client Portals

  • Workflows

Two of the best Legal Practice Management Software platforms are Clio and Practice Panther.  While similar, each offer solutions that help lawyers run their businesses and reduce the administrative burden.  Clio provides an annual Legal Trends Report that derives from the data in its systems and provides great insight into how to run a law firm better.  Click here to view Clio and sign up.  Click here to view Practice Panther and sign up.  Clio starts at $39 per user per month and Practice Panther starts at $49 per user per month.  You can try both for free, which is a great way to see if it will work for your law firm.

Time Tracking and Billing Software

If a complete Legal Practice Management Software platform is more horsepower that you need, you still need Time Tracking and Billing Software.  Tracking your time manually in a spreadsheet or document and then creating manual invoices is no way to run a law firm. Save yourself time and effort with a Time Tracking and Billing Software platform.  These platforms provide:

  • Time Tracking

  • Expense Tracking

  • Billing & Invoicing

  • Online Payments

We think that Bill4Time is one of the best solutions in this space.  Click here to view Bill4Time and sign up.  Bill4Time starts at $25 per user per month.  You can try it free for 30 days.