A Successful In-House Lawyer is a Business Partner

An successful in-house lawyer does more than just legal work.  They stretch themselves outside their comfort zones.  Nimble recently hosted a forum on "Building the Modern General Counsel" with panelists Jason Sussman, General Counsel for The Lubrizol Company, Ed Blakemore, Assistant General Counsel for Rockwell Automation and Sunny Nixon, Chief Administrative Officer and Senior Counsel at The Unify Project.  They were facilitated by Nimble's own Jeff Barlow


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Here's some of the great insight they offered on what are the competencies or traits that show a lawyer is a good business partner: 

Sunny Nixon: You have to be willing to work any time and any where to support your business colleagues.  They are prepared and think they are part of the business team.

Ed Blakemore: Temperament, demeanor, and communication style are key.  Someone that can discuss the mistakes they've made and what they've learned.  I look for a lawyer that brings a preventative approach.

Jason Sussman: We look for someone that has the ability to run fast and learn quickly and a facilitator of others' successes.  If you want to just be a subject matter expert then in-house may not be for you.