HR Maturity & Risk Assessment

It can be easy to put HR on the back burner when you’re focused growing and running a business. But if you believe that people are the key to success, then it’s time to make HR a strategic priority. Let Nimble help you create a practical road map.

Step 1: Understand your current HR practices:       

  • Questionnaire covering 6 areas of HR:  compliance, compensation & benefits, recruiting & on-boarding, learning & development, organizational effectiveness and HR department management

  • Information gathered through online surveys or interviews with your team

Step 2: Give you a clear picture of your risks and opportunities:

  • Deliver a comprehensive report that details your results for each area

  • Discuss your highest priority items with your leadership team

Step 3: Create a prioritized HR road map:

  • Define practical next steps to address risks and capitalize on strategic opportunities

  • Recommend best-practices that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line

  • Suggest flexible, cost-conscious ways to get HR work done

Stop just hoping for the best. Get started today.