Flexible HR Resources

I’m responsible for HR, but it isn’t my background – what now? How big does my organization need to be before we need a full-time HR person? I think we should hire an HR person, but what do we really need?  

If any of these questions sound familiar, contact us to learn more about Nimble’s Flexible HR Resources program. Our experienced HR experts provide the exact amount of HR support your business needs.  Our HR Resources:

  • Advise on the full spectrum of HR needs: handbooks/policies, employee relations, recruiting, supervisor effectiveness, basic training, investigations, performance issues and policy enforcement.

  • Provide support both on site and virtually. They are always “on-call” for urgent issues.

  • Work collaboratively with your existing third-party administrators (e.g. payroll provider, benefits carriers, legal counsel, etc.)

The amount of support can be adjusted as your needs evolve. We can work on retainer, daily rate or hourly basis – whatever works best for you.