Professional Development

Nimble’s coaching programs are designed by lawyers for lawyers.  We understand the demands and pressures lawyers face every day and we’ve designed our programs to help lawyers meet those challenges and thrive. 

In-House Lawyer Job Search Consulting and coaching

Finding an in-house lawyer position is extremely competitive. Moving up into a an in-house role with increased responsibility is challenging. Starting a new in-house lawyer position can be daunting. Get insight from a those who have done it before and have hired in-house legal teams. Services include:

  • Job Search Consulting

    • Resume refinement

    • LinkedIn Profile enhancement

    • Interview Prep

    • Job offer assessment

  • In-House Lawyer Coaching

    • Role assimilation/on-boarding

    • Approach to working with CEO, CFO and other leadership team members

    • Approach to working with Law Department team members

    • Law department operations

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Our small group coaching program meets monthly and is facilitated by a Nimble coach.  Participants work with a group of people who have similar career goals.  Nimble has partnered with several medium sized law firms to provide small group coaching for either partners or associates with a focus on business development skills and plans.

  • Data oriented approach using assessments

  • Custom personal action (or business development) plan

  • One 1:1 coaching session

  • 4-month program  


Participants work one-on-one with an experienced Nimble coach (usually monthly) to clarify career goals and accelerate achievement. We follow a structured framework that includes the following:

  • Data oriented approach using assessments

  • Custom personal action (business development) plan

  • On-going 1:1 coaching

  • Duration from 3-12 months based on needs

Personal coaching is especially powerful for individuals who are new to a role/organization, considering a career transition or preparing for promotion.