Small Group Coaching

Accelerate your career path.  Feel more fulfilled.  Expand you network.   

Would you like to take control of your career development and meet some amazing new people?  When you join Nimble's Small Group Coaching, you accomplish both.   This program is based on teaching emotional intelligence and helping you uncover your strengths.  With these tools,you'll design a personal development action plan to achieve your  full potential. 


In this program, you'll work in a team of 10-12 to complete 5 group sessions.  In addition, you'll meet with a Nimble Coach for 1 personal coaching session to fine-tune your action plan.  

Session 1: Start with Self-Awareness
Self-awareness is the foundation for personal development.  This session will introduce tools that help you reflect on what you've experienced so far.  You will take an assessment that will provide data to help you better understand your personal strengths and how to leverage them.  

Session 2: Work on Self-Management 
This session will explore emotions in the workplace  and understanding your triggers. We'll learn how to build resilience and learn from set backs.   You will begin to craft a personal development plan.  Using a Nimble provided template, you will work to clarify both personal and career aspirations.  Then, you'll define the action steps you'll need to take to achieve them.     

Session 3: Build Social Awareness
Do you know people in your organization who seem sail along, getting things done with ease?  How about those people who are constantly stepping on toes?  This session will explore organizational awareness as well as the power of giving and receiving help.     

Session 4: Improve Relationship Management
Learn how to cultivate a network that is a source of support, information and inspiration.  This session will focus on the roles of mentors, advocates and advisers.  You'll experience exercises that help you map your network and identify gaps you may have.  Plan how to use this resource to accelerate and sustain progress on your action plan.

Session 5: Celebrate and Refocus (6 Month Progress Check)
Following session 4, the you will take 6 months to apply what you've learned and pursue your action plans.  To close the program,  the group will come back together to celebrate successes and reflect on how to update action plans for the future. 

One-on-One Coaching: Refine Your Action Plan
After your action plan is drafted in Session 2,  you will schedule a 60-90 minute one-on-one meeting with a Nimble Coach to receive personalized feedback on your action plan.  This session will be scheduled on your timeline and occur in parallel to sessions 3, 4 and 5.   

Who Should Attend 

Small Group Coaching can have an impact at every stage of your career: 

  • Early in career: Kick start your ambition

  • Mid-career: Energize and refocus your path

  • Career transition: Thoughtfully create the next stage

We will offer both groups targeted to a specific audience (e.g. attorneys,  early career, women) and groups that are a mix of people.  Sign up for our wait list today!